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We’re Painting, We’re Painting…

February 6th, 2006

For the past several weeks, I’ve been gearing up for a forthcoming weekend of playing Warhammer 40,000 with my out-of-town friends. We get together a couple of times a year to show off our armies and take lots of photos of finely-painted miniatures engaged in simulated bloodshed.

This means painting, and lots of it. My personal relationships, my other interests, and (only occasionally) my personal hygeine have taken a back seat to sitting in the basement, obsessively dabbing paint on each little gunport. It takes me more time than many simply because I kinda don’t know what I’m doing. I start off painting without a firm idea of the finished product, which means a lot of corrections, second-guessing, and additional coats. The Broodlord pictured below must have about ten coats of paint on it rather than the two or three actually necessary to achieve the finished product.

That said, I’m actually pleased with the final results so far, and wanted to share. First up is the aforementioned Broodlord, who will soon lead my Genestealers in a claw-happy frenzy. Alongside him is Zoe the Zoanthrope, the psychically-endowed heavy support unit with the exposed brain.

Next is a customized Immolator tank for my Sisters of Battle, utilizing pieces from two different versions of the model, with the addition of magnets so that I can add/remove optional equipment at will.

Last up is a non-Warhammer model, something that I’ve had sitting in a pathetic pile of parts for years: the Ogrethulhu. It’s from the Ogre Miniatures line, based on the classic cybernetic tank battle from Steve Jackson Games. Ogrethulhu is, of course, a demonic crossbreed of the dreaded Mark V Ogre cybertank and H.P. Lovecraft’s Great Cthulhu, a combination which will surely cause fear to any card-carrying geek.

Unfortunately, I’m not even going to come close to finishing the wobbly stack of miniatures awaiting work prior to the forthcoming Warhammer Weekend, though I hope to at least finish off two or three squads in time.

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