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Battle Report

February 27th, 2006

I’m back from the wars–the Warhammer 40,000 wars, to be precise. I’d love to blog about last weekend in detail, but I started getting a cold Saturday night and am now a sneezy, drippy mess who is not in the mood at present. So, instead, here are some pretty pictures with brief commentary:

Donn’s new desert terrain, built in honor of Tonya’s army of sandy Tallarn Imperial Guardsmen. My Tyranids stand ready, pincers clacking, to tear them a new one.

Tonya’s troops (and Tonya herself) are surprised when my Hormagaunts move 22″ in a single turn and rip them into crunchy, tasty nuggets.

A conga line of Termagants streams toward an Imperial Guard emplacement. Unfortunately, the first battle doesn’t go well for the ‘Nids, as I foolishly took only one “synapse creature” (a leader beast responsible for keeping the somewhat mindless troops from reverting to instinctive behavior) and had to keep him in the open in order to cover my widely spread units. The Broodlord was cut down in his ‘Niddish prime by a hail of gunfire.

In the rematch, he got his revenge.

Donn’s spectacular urban terrain, largely built from styrofoam packing materials. This was the starting position for the grand 2,000 point per team battle which consumed most of Saturday: Tonya’s Guardsmen and Dan’s Orks vs. a combined ‘Nid force.

Orks foolishly attempt to assault my Broodlord and his Genestealer retinue. I’ve found Orks to be less tasty than Guardsmen, though there’s a smoky flavor to the flesh.

Termagants storm an abandoned fortress which is temporarily occupied (but not for long) by Ork commandos.

Tyranid Warriors try to keep the Orks out of the fortress, but are eventually slaughtered by sustained Imperial fire.

Donn’s colorful Hormagaunts swarm down the side of a building. Since the building was made of foam, he could position them by stabbing their tails into the wall!

A really, really bad day for this Guardsman.

The Broodlord unsuccessfully attempts to tear apart an Ork Dreadnaught. However, the ‘Nids were ultimately successful in their effort to sweep clean the rather unlikely allies standing against them.

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