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My Ball’s On Fire!

March 2nd, 2006

Wednesdays are Bowling League Night, my weekly opportunity to be a hero or a goat. My scratch game average has been hovering around 125; far from the best, but not at all the worst in the league. The problem is that I’m woefully inconsistent. But every once in a while, I get in some sort of Zen bowling groove.

Last night, my first game was 165. I was feeling pretty damned good about what was either the second or third highest score I’d achieved in league bowling.

The second game started out less promising: a couple of open frames for a total of 13 pins. Then a lone strike, and another open frame. In the fifth frame, I rolled a strike. And another in the sixth. Great, I thought, the pins really start to accumulate when you double up the strikes.

I was thrilled to have a third consecutive strike in the seventh; one of the few “turkeys” I’ve had to date. I began to approach the pins slower and more methodically. A fourth strike! I’d only done that once before! I ran off the alley to make sure that I saw the little victory animation on the scoreboard: a 4×4 truck rolling over the pins.

In the ninth frame, time slowed. Take a breath, I thought. Just relax…another strike! The animation for five in a row was a series of bowling pins laid out in “x” formations. It was crazy exciting, which should give you an idea of just how little it takes to get me excited.

The tenth frame. Try not to think about the score (but you know that if you get it, you’ll break 200). And…blam! Six in a row! The animation was a shooting gallery with ducks being plugged one by one. I stood on the alley in a rapturous state, arms outstretched to the sides.

It didn’t last, but I did at least finish out the tenth with a spare. Total: 206! A far cry from a perfect 300, but for me, it was like a host of angels flitted around my head.

And then the third game, I bowled a 107. I told you I was inconsistent.

Still, I had both the high handicap game and series for the league that night, and even made the leader board for high scratch game. It may never happen again, but I’m glad that it happened just this once!

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