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Oota Goota, Solo?

April 28th, 2006

It’s not often that I take a moment to express my love for a piece of plastic, but allow me the indulgence of declaring that I Adore Hasbro’s Star Wars Vintage Original Trilogy Collection Greedo!

The Vintage Original Trilogy Collection–or as the way we Star Wars geeks refer to it, the VOTC–is Hasbro’s way of getting us to buy more expensive versions of action figures we already own. They figure that if they take familiar characters, give them spiffy new sculpts, cloth accessories and loads of articulation, then stick them on reproductions of original ’70s/’80s Kenner backing cards, that we’ll happily fork over ten bucks a pop. And they’re right!

Greedo is a character that even a lot of non geeks would probably recall, even if they didn’t remember his name. He’s the green, bug-eyed, snout-nosed bounty hunter who tried to collect on Han Solo’s debt to Jabba the Hutt in the original Star Wars film. For his trouble, he got blasted underneath the table by a sneaky Solo.

Although it may not seem so special in the days of summer movies with monstrous budgets and cutting-edge CGI, in 1977, the “Cantina” sequence was a show-stopper. Never before had we seen more than a couple of different alien races in a single room, but here were perhaps 40 of them, slugging down drinks and getting in fights. Who cared that a couple of them were wearing off-the-shelf Halloween masks?

And Greedo was arguably the most memorable of the bunch. It helped that he had the most screen time, but his articulated snout, subtitled Huttese dialogue and sticky end cemented his prominence in Star Wars fandom.

While Greedo wasn’t one of the original 12 action figures from the film, he was featured in the second wave, along with a few more Cantina denizens. Unfortunately, his depiction wasn’t even close to what was seen on screen. He had some funky, all-green jumpsuit and thigh-high boots. Still, it was good enough for the time.

Over the years, there have been several attempts at a Greedo for Generation Y, but none have fully captured Greedo’s suave goodness until now…

On the left, Greedo circa 1979. On the right–and pointing a gun at not-quite-Greedo’s head–is the bad mofo Greedo 2006! Check out his stylin’ duds, including a cloth vest!

Finally, after 29 years, I have a Greedo worthy of the name. A Greedo built for action! A Greedo who will most definitely not shoot at Han Solo first and miss from a distance of two feet!

Granted, he’s probably still the same Greedo who got plugged under the table. But in my world, Greedo lives, and he will KICK. YOUR. ASS.

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