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Didja Hear About Jennifer Aniston?

June 2nd, 2006

I suspect that by now, even Jennifer Aniston is sick of hearing about Jennifer Aniston.

Let me be clear: I like Jennifer Aniston. During my early exposure to Friends, I eschewed my usual habit of choosing “Mary Ann” over “Ginger” and, of the three women on the series, fixated on the overtly hot one. Rachel’s short skirts in those early seasons informed that choice, as did the nerd wish-fulfillment of her relationship with Ross. (That, of course, was before the writers proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Ross was a belligerent jackass.)

To be honest, I feel a bit sorry for Jennifer Aniston these days. At least, as sorry as one can feel for a smokin’ babe celebrity with 10 years of hit sitcom riches in the bank. While I’m usually of the opinion that paparazzi and tabloids are part of the price one pays for stardom, come on already, give the girl a break.

They’ve been obsessed with her love life for years, all through the Pitt and Post-Pitt Eras. (And what’s with Brad Pitt, anyway? What heterosexual male wakes up one morning and thinks, “You know, Jennifer Aniston just isn’t doin’ in for me anymore?” I know that Angelina Jolie is crazy hot, but crazy is definitely the operative word there.) Now they won’t get off her and Vince Vaughn, another celeb I actually like.

It’s funny how Entertainment Weekly has made such a big deal out of The Break-Up, even as their own critic is ripping it a new one. It’s not like they need an excuse to run stories about Aniston. Again, I pity her a bit here. I do think she’s got some talent, and I’m perhaps as puzzled as she must be that she appears incapable of making the transition to movie star.

(By the way, this photo of the twosome bugs me a bit. Aniston seems unnaturally tall, and exactly what is Vaughn doing down there?)

Don’t miss The Break-Up, as you’ll only have about four more days to think about it until the unholy hype machine has moved on to Cars.

Also in this week’s unholy hype, just how many tributes to Katie Couric did we need? The girl’s just switching jobs. She didn’t die.

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