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The Felgercarb Hits The Fan

February 2nd, 2009

I’ve been remiss in not giving the final half-season of Battlestar Galactica its due. As I’ve suggested before, giving the series an end date has been a good thing. No more pointless episodes about Romo Lampkin’s ghost cat or how Apollo got his tattoos. Okay, that second one was from Lost, but you get the idea. With only seven episodes to go, every moment is important, and no character has script immunity. While Roslin was in the “next week” trailer and presumably survives the attack ordered upon her by Gaeta, and Tigh ain’t goin’ anywhere until the writers pay off the revelation that his wife was the final Cylon, it feels like anything could happen at this point. And that’s what made last Friday’s episode–the first half of a two-parter regarding a full-blown insurrection aboard the Galactica–that much more harrowing.

Admittedly, I was bit frustrated with “The Oath” at first, as it was the second episode in a row not to answer of the major, nagging questions still in need of a reply, but I ultimately realized that it wasn’t only necessary, but perfectly timed. The revelation that the long-sought-after Earth was a radioactive wasteland (spoiler alert, but Jesus, it’s been about a year since that one aired) should have repercussions that extend beyond an episode or two.  And Tom Zarek–the former revolutionary who became Laura Roslin’s vice-president–would have been a disappointment if he hadn’t tried to assume total control of the fleet as some point. 

What’s clear to me is that even though there are perfectly legitimate reasons to question recent decisions by Roslin and Adama–especially his cooperation with the “rebel” Cylons and his insistence on installing Cylon engine technology aboard the Colonial ships–Zarek doesn’t care about any of that. He just sees an opportunity to get what he’s always wanted: the ability to personally shape humanity’s destiny. And for most of his collaborators, it’s really more about settling scores rather than building a coherent, new power structure or a plan for the future.   

One really does have to wonder what Joe Colonial makes of all this. As viewers, we’re privy to a lot of privileged information that even Our Heroes don’t know. We have every reason to believe that the rebel Cylons are sincere about seeking an alliance with the humans, and that “Final Five” Cylons such as Tigh and Tyrol remain loyal to their Admiral. But all Joe Colonial probably knows is that not only have the people who butchered 99.999999999% of humanity been secretly living among the refugees, but that both the Admiral and the President’s own personal aides were Cylons. And now the Galactica’s not answering phone calls, there’s a lot of gunfire, and the President is fleeing toward the Cylon Base Ship.

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