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Chess With Martians

November 23rd, 2004

One of the games that Philip and I played last night was “Martian Chess”, one of many invented by the folks at Looney Labs utilizing their line of Icehouse plastic pyramid pieces. It’s a very freaky chess variant in which the board is split into two halves, and when a piece moves onto your half, it immediately comes under your control. The idea is to get the most points before the game ends when one person runs out of pieces. (And yes, you can end the game by moving your last piece into the other player’s territory.)

It was a real mind-bender, as many of the usual expectations of chess do not apply. If your opponent takes one of your pieces, you cannot respond by taking his piece, because it’s now your piece. You can maneuver all you want on your side of the board, but if you move across the dividing line, you lose control. Yet, it seemed a perfectly acceptable strategy to rush your pieces at the other player.

Very cool, but very weird.

I may have to try out some of the other Icehouse games. Looks like they’ve got a Robo Rally knock-off, among others.

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