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Second Quarterly Report

July 2nd, 2006

The end of June has brought with it the end of the second quarter in our grand experiment. As you may recall, at the beginning of January we began to keep track of just how much loose change we picked up in our travels over the course of one year. Since then, we’ve kept a wary eye out for wayward pennies, and we’ve done better than I expected. Our first quarter netted us $3.79 in spare coinage.

While we found virtually nothing during the final week of June, I had a good feeling about our overall take this time ’round, and I was right. Our total: $4.35. It broke down like this:

  • 105 pennies
  • 4 nickels
  • 26 dimes
  • 2 quarters

My theory is that we find a lot more dimes than nickles due to their small size; they’re much less likely to be spotted by those who aren’t committed to the hunt. And of course, quarters are rare because they’re both highly visible and worth enough to attract the attention of those who wouldn’t bother to stoop for a mere penny.

So, at the end of the first half of the year, we stand at $8.14. I’m thinking that by December 31, we might have enough for dinner. At least, as long as we go somewhere cheap.

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