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Meet The Meat

October 16th, 2006

I don’t collect as many action figures as I used to–really, Vic, I don’t–but I still get out to my local toy emporiums to see what’s new. Today at Toys ‘R’ Us (TRU in the toy geek vernacular), I found a new line of toys based, on all things, the film Rocky. Now, I’ve long ago ceased to be surprised by the odd media properties licensed by toy companies. Unlike the old days in which one might find something weirdly inappropriate and ironic just by chance–my poster child being the 18″ talking Freddy Krueger doll, complete with pull-string, that Matchbox made back in 1989–it’s now all too common to see toys marketed to adult collectors rather than kids.

Yet, I was not prepared for what met my eyes today, courtesy the Jakks toy company. Sure, there was Rocky himself, Apollo Creed, even Burgess Meredith. But then there was…

The Meat.

That’s right, the slab of beef Rocky used as a budget punching bag. And it’s not even an accessory; it rated its own card.

Today, I feel humbled. For I have met The Meat.

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