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Your Store Is No Longer My Cureall, Motherfucker

November 2nd, 2006

For months, I’d been receiving somewhere between fifty and one hundred per day: spams sent directly to my work mail server, bypassing the University hub and its junk mail filter. I installed a local filter, but that only worked for as long as Outlook remained open, and it did nothing to keep spam from filling my inbox to overload if I took more than a couple of days off.

It got so that I knew their subject lines by heart:

  • “Our store is your cureall!”
  • “Full of health? Then don’t click!”
  • “She wants a better sex? Click here!”

That changed Tuesday, when I was moved to a new server under the protective shield of the University. In the past two days, I’ve received a total of four spams, and not one of them asked if I was full of health.

Goodbye, boys. I won’t miss you. If, in the future, she wants a better sex, I’m pretty sure I can get by without your help.

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