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Faint Praise

November 21st, 2006

The sound of one hand clapping goes to Fox, which pulled its ill-considered interview special detailing just how O.J. Simpson would’ve committed bloody double homicide and gotten away with it. But first, we were treated to the odd spectacle of Bill O’Reilly announcing a boycott of his own parent company. I’ll give him a bit of credit for that, though it would’ve carried more weight if he hadn’t continued to show up for his nightly screed on Fox News. Still, it’s nice to know that there’s a line that even Bill O’Reilly won’t cross.

In other celebrity mea culpa news, there was last night’s Late Show with David Letterman appearance by former Seinfeld star Michael Richards. Richards showed up via satellite feed to deeply–and, one hopes, sincerely–apologize for his jaw-droppingly racist rant last weekend. His rambling, vaguely coherent statement managed to be slightly more uncomfortable to listen to than the barrage of filth that inspired it.

I do wish we had an opportunity to see the events that led up to his hate-fueled rampage. Apparently, the object of his ire has admitted to “playfully heckling” Richards; I’d like to see just how playful it was. I don’t excuse Richards’ actions, but I do feel as if we’re missing an important part of the story.

I will give Richards credit for one thing: unlike certain others (kaff, Mel Gibson, kaff), he didn’t hem and haw; equivocate or pass the blame. At the first opportunity, he stepped up and took it on the chin. These days, that’s a rare occurance.

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