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Destroy! All! Monsters!

December 19th, 2006

Yesterday I received a box full of giant monster goodness courtesy of my favorite Godzilla retailer (yes, there are more than one) Chibi Goji Toys, and while trying to figure out how to work a half dozen more vinyl figures onto my existing display shelf, I was inspired to photograph the assembled horde. Pardon the size of the photos, dial-up users, but Godzilla and his friends beg to be large.

Great gallopin’ Godzillas!

Mothra Squadron ready for takeoff!

Three generations of robot Godzillas.

Evil is on the march!

Earth’s monsters stand ready to defend the planet!

Destroy! All! Monsters!

Angilas finds himself outmatched by Mothra and Godzilla Jr.

All insects attack!

Dueling Godzillas and Ghidorahs!

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