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Fiscal Year ’06 Report

January 22nd, 2007

The turning of the calendar pages to 2007 brought with it an end to the first year of our great experiment, in which we determined to figure out just how much loose change we found in our travels.

When I last wrote about this, we’d found a total of $8.14 after six months. In our third quarter, we picked up an additional $4.55. Things took a big jump in the run-up to the end of year one, as holiday shopping insanity meant more change dropped in the consumer crush. It didn’t hurt that we were increasingly vigilant (some might say obsessive) in those final few weeks. Our take: $7.25.

Grand total: $19.99. Yes, one more penny, and we’d have had an even Jackson.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 529 pennies
  • 19 nickels
  • 102 dimes
  • 14 quarters

We haven’t yet discussed what to do with the money, though if you’re anywhere near Best Buy and hear a jingling sound, it may be me.

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