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Subterranean Sandwich

February 1st, 2007

Yesterday, a very exciting project began at Casa del Thiel, as at last we began to finish our basement! (And by “we,” I mean the contractor friend of Vic’s dad that we hired.) It’s something we’ve been putting off for about eight years now, even though some of the work had been done by the previous owner.

A while back, we’d called in the Owings-Corning people and got an estimate of $30,000+ for their fancy-schmancy basement finishing system. After I awoke from my faint, they suggested that we could take out a ten year loan to pay it off, to which I replied, “Ummm…we’re going to have our entire house paid off before that.” We didn’t call them back.

The goal is to turn the majority of the basement into a second living room/game room. In addition, we’re walling off the washer/dryer and creating a storage closet for Christmas stuff. Meanwhile, my office/workshop will be fully closed off so that we have a place in which we can keep our cats (and us) in case of severe weather. (Right now, there’s no way to keep them down in the basement with us when things get all tornado-ey.) We’ll also be getting a ceiling, a floor, a sink, lots of lights and (best of all) heat ducts!

In the short run, we’ll probably wind up with a room with no furniture in it, as furniture’s not part of the budget at this time. But still, we’ll be one step closer to the dream!

The contractors are at home working away as I type this, and should be a part of our lives through the middle of next week. As you might expect, the cats are thrilled about this…

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