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A Realization

February 4th, 2007

In forty-plus years of living in the American Midwest, I have never once watched a Super Bowl. I’ve always hated football for its brutality, and came to resent it further when I saw how it dominated and diminished all non-football activities in the town in which I grew up.

But if I was ever gonna watch a Super Bowl, this would be the year. It’s the Indianapolis Colts, hailing from the land of my youth, vs. the Chicago Bears, beloved champions of the state I’ve called home these past 16 years. The fact that I even know who’s playing is itself something of a shock, though my increased awareness of this year’s match didn’t stop me from being foolish enough to visit the deli counter at Schnucks’ on Game Day. The crackling excitement in the air threatens to form a tornado of ice as Illinois prepares to meet Indiana on the field of battle.




I guess I’ll never watch a Super Bowl.

Hey, I hear Pan’s Labyrinth is pretty good! Save some popcorn for me!

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