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Notes From The Apocalypse

June 27th, 2009

I spent much of my week off immersed in the world of Fallout 3. I’ve now witnessed my digital me die dozens of times. It’s still weird.

I am in no way compensating for anything. Not at all.Here are some random observations regarding my travels in the D.C. Wasteland.

  • There’s no crippling injury that can’t be cured by an hour’s sleep.
  • I applaud the game designers’ inclusion of restrooms in most of the houses and public spaces. For me, nothing breaks the verisimilitude of an imaginary environment more than the lack of a place to poop.
  • Robby the Robot-style mechanoids are cool.┬áRobby the Robot-style mechanoids in powdered wigs are awesome.

Who says that videogames aren't educational? I'd never heard of Button Gwinnett until I met him.

  • I still hate Moira. But at least I’ve stopped trying to kill her.
  • Some of those rotting ghouls are surprisingly well-stacked. (“Don’t look, don’t look…”)
  • Killing slavers on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial is satisfying, but not as much as gunning down the head slaver with Lincoln’s own rifle.

Defending freedom! Boo-yah!

  • Apparently, making pretty much the same decisions that I would in real life makes me a saint in Falloutville.
  • Being a saint means that you can steal stuff with impunity.
  • Lincoln’s rifle is sweet. Lincoln’s hat? Priceless.

I'm here to emancipate your ass!

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