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March 6th, 2007

If television was a theme park, Heroes would be the backwards-looping, knuckle-whitening roller coaster. Last night’s episode–the final new installment prior to a six-week break–elicited the following responses from me:

  • “Yay!”
  • “That was cool!”
  • “I didn’t see that coming!”
  • [thunk] [thunk]

That last one was my jaw repeatedly hitting the floor. It seemed that every five minutes there was a change in loyalties or a reversal of fortune. As Vic said afterwards, more happened in that one episode than in two-and-a-half seasons of Lost. By hour’s end, it appeared that half of the vast cast was in mortal or existential peril.


  • Hiro was reunited with Ando (yay!) and finally won his power-restoring sword (yay!). Rather than face 573 casino security guards, he teleported the two of them out of Linderman’s vault through time and space…
  • …to a post-nuclear New York. Eek!
  • Mr. Bennet’s treachery was revealed to the agents of the Company, courtesy an illusion-casting hottie in a schoolgirl outfit–the best kind of hottie–disguised as his own wife. (Now, if she’d disguised herself as Mr. Muggles the family dog, that would’ve been truly impressive.)
  • Isaac painted his own death. (And that’s a good thing. The character’s pretty much irredeemable at this point.)
  • Claire ran away to find her father…
  • …and learned that Nathan’s mom and the Haitian have been protecting her all along.
  • Nathan also had a secret: his dalliances with the criminal mastermind Linderman were part of a federal investigation.
    • Oops! Jessica killed the feds.
    • Ah, but her “good self” Niki warned Nathan that Linderman knew about his duplicity, and gave him Jessica’s gun.
    • Linderman (freakin’ Malcolm McDowell!) also knew all about the existence of the Heroes…
    • …and he offered Nathan the White House.
  • Mohinder was only pretending to be unaware of Sylar’s true identity, and captured him long enough to extract his DNA and finally crack his father’s genetic research. But in true comic book fashion, he failed to kill the archvillain when he had the chance…
  • …and that’s when Peter walked in on the two of them. The episode ended with Sylar in the midst of cutting open Peter’s head. Will he succeed? Will there be a rock ’em, sock ’em rhubarb between the show’s two ubermen? I can’t wait ’til April 23!

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