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Montana: You’ll Love Our Roadkill!

April 24th, 2007

While Vic and I don’t collect the U.S. state quarters for ourselves, we do keep an eye out for new releases on behalf of her mom. For my part, I enjoy seeing new coin designs; it’s nice to have something different than the standard Washingtons, Jeffersons and Roosevelts jingling in my pocket.

However, both of us were disappointed in Illinois’ entry in the series. Before the final design was announced, Vic joked that all our Lincoln-obsessed state would have to do is smash a penny into the rear of its quarter. Sure enough, the eventual design had a big, ol’ Lincoln smack dab in the center. (With just a smidge of lip service paid to both farmlands and Chicago in an attempt to please everyone.)

Now, we’ve got nothing against Lincoln. We’re totally down with his slave-freeing, theatre-going ways. It’s just that he’s already all over our money, and his image is pretty much inescapable to anyone in Illinois. We’d hoped that someone could come up with something a bit different to represent our fair state. (Vic wanted Michael Jordan.)

That said, I feel that we got off lucky compared to the folks of Montana. Here is their state quarter:

A freakin’ cow skull. Okay, yes, it’s technically a bison, and yes, it’s a symbol oft-used by Montanans. But at the end of the day, Montana had the opportunity to make a statement about themselves and they collectively declared that the best they have to offer is dead cattle.

New state tourism slogan: “Come To Montana, Where The Sky Is Allegedly Larger Than Yours, And The Buffalo Do Not Roam Because They’re All Pushing Up The Daisies, That Is If We Had Any Daisies Instead Of All These Damn Rocks.”

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