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31 Monsters #18: Count von Count

October 18th, 2009

No, I don’t know why there’s a vampire on Sesame Street, either. I’m not talking about the obvious educational role that Count von Count’s numerical obsession fills on the 40-years-young kids’ series, but rather the fact that there’s a fanged creature of the night living in the same neighborhood as a bunch of kids and a six-foot canary with an especially long and tempting neck. Yet no one seems to be straddling his coffin with hammer and stake in hand.

Eighteen! Eighteen monsters! Ah ha ha!

Honestly, the Count’s continued presence brings up a number of questions:

  1. Is Sesame Street zoned for Gothic castles?
  2. What is the nature of the puppet soul?
  3. Are Maria and Gina two of his vampire brides?
  4. When he moved into town, did he have to go door to door informing the neighbors of his previous bloodsucking?
  5. That’s five, five questions! Ah ha ha!

Count von Count is one of my favorite Muppets, and it’s not just the vampire thing. I love him for his obsessive compulsiveness. Like Cookie Monster, he’s defined by the thing that he craves, and lets nothing stand in his way. (Unlike Cookie Monster, he hasn’t been neutered in recent years in order to present a healthy lifestyle. We don’t want our kids to get fat, but repetitive counting is O.K.)

Here’s a classic Count von Count segment featuring a guest appearance by Susan Sarandon. I’m not absolutely certain of the circumstances that brought the two together, but I think that we have to at least consider the possibility that the Count was luring a date back to his place. Yet, not even the thought of nibbling the neck of a smokin’ hot Sarandon could distract the Count from his appointed task.

Not being a Rocky Horror fan, I was slow to realize that the Sesame Street writers had sneaked a RHPS reference into the heart of the PBS kids’ lineup. Thankfully, they did not ask Sarandon to sing “Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me.”

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