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Monsters!: And Now For Something Completely Monstrous

July 16th, 2007

The Tarrasque was unique among Dungeons & Dragons monsters. In this case, the word “unique” is being precisely used: there’s only one Tarrasque, and believe me, you don’t want two of them.

The Tarrasque was the D & D world’s answer to Godzilla. A legendary creature that emerged from its underground dormancy on the average of once a year, it ate “voraciously and continually, and all living things are food to it,” according to Monster Manual II. Its carapace was virtually invulnerable, and it’s not difficult to envision the Kingdom of Greyhawk’s Self-Defense Forces firing a futile barrage of ballista bolts and magic missiles, only to see them harmlessly bounce away.

Worse yet, the Tarrasque shared the ability of the infamous Danish movie monster Reptilicus in that it could regenerate from even the smallest remaining piece of flesh. The Monster Manual II goes on to warn that it can only be killed if “reduced to -30 or fewer hit points and a wish (spell) for its death then used.” You do not fuck around with the Tarrasque.

A matchup I’d like to see.

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