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Viva V

November 17th, 2009

The third episode of V continued a solid streak so far. It’s not as gripping as the original ’80s miniseries, but that had the advantage of being constructed as a one-time “event,” not the first four episodes of an ongoing weekly show. It could afford to tip its hand early. V Mark II has been slower to build, but I do have the sense that it’s going somewhere.

One aspect of the show that I’ve enjoyed more than I expected was the addition of the infiltration angle. Sure, the “aliens secretly among us” bit has been done many times before, but here it ratchets up the danger of starting a human resistance against the Visitors. The sense of paranoia in episode two was palpable.

Tonight’s installment managed to surprise me three times. Two instances involved twists that–while they weren’t “lizard baby” awesome–I certainly did not see coming. Bye bye, Wash!

The third surprise was the unexpected adoption of the original show’s Visitor alphabet. It’s a nice callback for old school V fans. I wonder if they consulted my website?

Only one more episode ’til the show vanishes for a few months. Hopefully the word of retooling isn’t an evil portent. Apparently, filming doesn’t resume ’til January, so they’ve got plenty of time to work out the kinks.

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