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Yeah, I’m Still Here

August 16th, 2007

I’ve had a case of Bloggus Interruptus for the past week. Not that there hasn’t been anything to write about, but that I was short of time and–more to the point–enthusiasm. So, here’s a little update to tide you* over until the Blog Muse calls.

* “You,” as in the half-dozen people who have admitted to reading this on a semi-regular basis.

My dad is still recovering from his recent illness, but he’s doing well and looking more or less normal. As he’s still in need of both physical therapy and intravenous antibiotics, he was temporarily transferred to a nursing home to convalesce. That sounds ominous, but I’m told it’s pretty routine and that it’s by no means a permanent situation.

While I’m on the topic, here’s a correction to my earlier post: It turns out that what my dad hallucinated during his first day at the hosptial was not a giant Pac-Man, but rather that he was endlessly playing Pac-Man. Which, as I mentioned, he still does quite often in real life. I’ll admit to being disappointed to learn this, as the giant Pac-Man made for a better anecdote.

I’m not in the best shape myself. A few days after dad went to the hospital, I threw out my back. That’s not unusual for me; I’ve had back problems all of my adult life, and even had disc surgery in my mid-20s. My back goes out from time to time, and even when it’s not actively painful I have a tendency to tilt to my left side. Usually, the inflammation clears up after a few days, which is why I found it troubling that it was still hanging on a couple of weeks later. When I attended Wizard World Chicago last Friday, the act of merely walking around (for hours, admittedly) carrying a fairly light shopping bag had me in miserable pain the entire day and throughout the weekend. Since then I’ve been back to the doctor and was prescribed some muscle relaxants which have helped a great deal.

What’s more, I’m going to give chiropractic a whirl. Vic had good experiences with it a couple of decades ago, and I’ve certainly met enough people who swear by it. I’ll admit that I’m a little dubious about chiropractic, as I’ve thought of it in the past as being a bit snake-oily. (Indeed, one of the local practitioners also specializes in homeopathy, which is a definite red flag for me.) However, the American College of Surgeons appears neutral on the subject, and my family doctor actually suggested chiropractic to me during my most recent visit.

I went it for an entry exam on Wednesday, and I will say one thing about it: they were thorough. I spent a full hour being examined, questioned and X-rayed, topped off with some sort of electro stimulus treatment. I’m not convinced that the latter did anything other than make my hips feel funky. Next week I’m supposed to meet with them to discuss potential treatment, which I assume would include spinal manipulation. I’m willing to give it a shot; I’m tired of listing to the left.

Tomorrow is my annual excursion to Indianapolis for Gen Con, one of the biggest gaming conventions in the U.S. As with my attendance at the aforementioned Wizard World comic book show, I’m just there to shop, not to participate in games or seminars. There’s nothing better than a fat wallet and a whole convention floor full of game companies doing their best to tempt my tummy. Hopefully my back will let me enjoy it!

Oh, and not only did I finish Resident Evil 4–or as the voice-over guy intones, “Resident Evil…FOUR!”–but I’ve started over again, this time with the benefit of all the weapons I collected during my first circuit. No freaky, vaguely-European, pseudo-zombie is gonna get the better of me!

More later…probably a good bit later.

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