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I Am An American Girl

February 8th, 2005

Haven’t had time for updates lately, due to a confluence of work-related activities. However, I did want to share this.

My wife’s best friend Gina has three kids whom we love very much, and whom consider us their “Aunt Vicky” and “Uncle Dave.” The middle child, Kelly, is a fan of the American Girl books and dolls, and we’ve bought her several Christmas and birthday presents from that product line.

Unfortunately, I once made the mistake of purchasing online, which means that I am now on their mailing list and therefore receive things like this on a regular basis:

They’re right. I’m not ready to be a teen girl.

Okay, maybe I do like my magazines boy-free. However, I take issue with the “too fast, too soon” comment. Hmm, perhaps I’m not an American Girl after all!

By the way, Vicky receives Lego catalogs for much the same reason, though in her case, she was buying presents for me.

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