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Don’t Blame Conan

January 20th, 2010

I haven’t written anything about the recent salvos of the Late Night TV Wars. That’s partially because I’ve been very busy, and mostly because they’ve been so thoroughly covered elsewhere.

Oddly, while I consider myself on “Team Conan” in the current feud over The Tonight Show, he’s really my third choice for what to watch in that time slot. Second is David Letterman, of whom I’ve been a fan since he first sat in Johnny Carson’s chair.

Truth to tell, these days I’m a Colbert watcher. If Stephen’s in reruns, I flip to Letterman. And as much as I personally like Conan (who, I remind you, wrote the classic “Marge vs. the Monorail” episode for The Simpsons), the truth is that I was much more likely to see him at 11:35 pm. And even that’s in question now, as I’ve really taken to Craig Ferguson.

So, even though I think Jay Leno should’ve gracefully bowed out, I admit that I really have no horse in that race. Which is not gonna stop me from posting this clip from last night’s Late Show, in which Letterman eviscerates his former pal Leno.

Updated: Taiwanese TV explains the Late Night Wars via goofy computer animation and superhero metaphors! I really need to start watching more Taiwanese TV.

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