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The Beatdown Goes On

February 18th, 2010

The last few weeks of work have been crazy busy. For one, WILL has never said “no” to a meeting. There are days during which I’m either in a meeting, preparing for a meeting or scheduling my own meeting. Yes, I am part of the problem.

Most of the meetings I’ve scheduled have had to do with my upcoming music competition/fundraising program, A Cappella BEATdown – LIVE! We’re a little more than two weeks to air. I know this because I had my first anxiety dream about it this week.

Actually, it’s coming together well, even if we did wind up with more a cappella groups than I’d wanted. With eight sets of contestants, the show has bloated from its original two hour footprint to two forty-five. Yet I look at the photos of the competitors and I get excited; it’s going to be great to have 90+ talented young people in the building. There’s a fair amount of diversity, including two Hindi groups, two high school groups (from the same school, so there’s rivalry potential) and two different universities represented.

This sort of thing seems made for viral marketing, so I’m dipping my toe into that area. My Facebook fan page went live yesterday, and there’s a nifty print-and-post flyer on the WILL website. I really wish that I had about two more weeks to do a proper job with the marketing, but it’s at least a bit more ambitious than usual for us.

I never thought that I’d one day see myself producing a musical competition, but in one sense this is exactly the sort of thing I love most in the world: putting on a show!

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