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Back To The Dungeon

April 12th, 2010

Yesterday we kickstarted my long-dormant Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I was shocked to learn that our last play session was more than a year ago. I knew it had been quite a long time, but that’s epic-level procrastination on my part.

We’d left our heroes in the middle of their trek to the tower of the wizard knows as Mad Mungus. Thought to have been long-abandoned, the crooked structure recently had shown signs of life. A hooded figure claiming to be the wizard’s servant showed up in the town of Boswin. Days later, a weird river beast rampaged down the docks. Some speculated that the mutated creature had swum downstream from Mungus’ old abode.

I picked up things with the party finally nearing the tower. In a forest clearing, the adventurers were attacked by stirges: bat/bird/mosquito things with a taste for the red, sticky stuff!

The flying suckers weren’t the true threat, though. That came in the form of the dreaded “land shark” which had been attracted from underground by the vibrations of the battle above. Better known as the bulette, this burrowing behemoth was once famously described as “the result of a mad wizard’s experimental cross breeding of a snapping turtle and armadillo with infusions of demons’ ichor.”

Slaying the predators, the group settled down for the night. Their sleep was interrupted by a host of unusually friendly bullywugs, who invited them to their village of Frogton. Rip Reeep, chief of Frogton, told them that their own community had been attacked by a creature much like the one that had been seen in Boswin.

Avoiding the front door of Mungus’ tower, the heroes instead looked for the underwater waste pipe from which the river freak had emerged. They emerged in a refuse room off a main hallway. The corridor was lined with a series of elaborate stone arches, one of which had apparently collapsed on the head of a previous dungeon diver. While wary of the apparently trapped hall, they greedily picked up the gold coins which had fallen from the dead fighter’s purse.

Unfortunately, one of the coins was attached to a wire! The section of corridor upon which the party stood abruptly slanted at a steep angle, while oil sprayed from a concealed spigot. One of them became a helpless victim of the slick chute, traveling several hundred feet underground in seconds. And below, a hungry owlbear* awaited.

Rather than see their wizard pecked to death, the others voluntarily slid down the chute. The battle was long, bloody and punctuated by angry hooting.

We left things there, with the party stranded deep below the tower. With no obvious way out, who knows what mysteries and horrors await?

Well, I do.

*The owlbear was originally said to have been “probably the result of genetic experimentation by some insane wizard**.”

**It’s just possible that there’s a theme at work.

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