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June 8th, 2010

The latest thing in my craw (though it’s only lunchtime) is the Curious Case of <redacted>. You’ve probably heard about it. A couple of <redacted> ago, someone shoved a <redacted> in <redacted> and asked <redacted> what <redacted> thought about <redacted>. <redacted> was typically outspoken. “<redacted>,” <redacted> said, adding that <redacted>.

Okay, it wasn’t exactly diplomatic. And the references to <redacted> were crass, given <redacted>.

It was barely any time at all before <redacted> made the rounds and the charges of <redacted> began. Even the <redacted> got involved. <redacted>‘s┬ácareer as a <redacted> came to an end.

Leaving aside the question of whether “<redacted>” is the same as “<redacted>,” there are legitimate controversies about <redacted>. A person who felt strongly about <redacted> might find themselves echoing <redacted>.

However, what has been have made very clear is that one must not express <redacted>. That will not be tolerated.

For a country that loves to shove our blessed rights in the faces of non-Americans, we are quick to deny those self-same rights to those with whom we disagree. You’ll never take away our God-given ability to say whatever damned fool thing crosses our minds, but we will.

And that’s <redacted>.

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