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Dulled Edge

November 27th, 2007

Last night, I finished watching Battlestar Galactica: Razor, the two-hour made-for-DVD movie that had its premiere–in an edited form–on the Sci-Fi Channel over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Look, I know that the telecast was intended to encourage me to buy the uncut DVD which streets next week, but damn, it pisses me off that the main thing I wanted to see–the flashback sequence from the first Cylon war–was missing the best bits, including a huge space battle involving the original series’ ship designs and a free-fall fight between Adama and an old-school Centurion. Yes, I’m gonna get the DVD, but that’s just irritating.

The rest of it was good enough, though as a storyline set within the middle of the series’ second season, it had the disadvantage of being unable to meaningfully advance the plot. That, and I knew damned well that the major new character introduced there wasn’t gonna make it. There’s a minor revelation involving Starbuck which is grist for the season four speculation mill, but I’m not all that keen on the “Starbuck’s destiny” bit anyway.

One thing that Razor accomplished was to make me like Admiral Cain, the late commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, even less than I did. That’s not to say that she isn’t an effective means of showing our heroes’ “path not taken,” but just that it’s impossible to work up any sympathy for her character. When faced with an adverse condition, she inevitably makes the most ruthless choice. And it’s clear that she was batshit crazy even before the Cylon-led massacre.

All in all, Razor was a worthy installment and a decent enough way to tide fans over ’til the long-delayed final season gets underway in 2008.

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