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What I Did Over The Holidays

January 2nd, 2008

I meant to blog over the holidays, but was hampered by my basic laziness and my recent obsession with playing Geometry Wars.

I had a good time being away from the office for 11 days; Vic and I spent a lot of time together doing nothing especially meaningful. We shopped a lot and concurrently kept an eye out for loose change. Yes, we still do that, and doubly so during the holiday season.

Vic tallied up our score for 2007 last night, and discovered that we’d collected more than $41 over the preceding twelve months. Fifteen dollars came in a single week when Vic found a fiver and I topped that with a sweet, sweet Hamilton. However, even discounting the bills, we were more than six dollars ahead of our 2006 take.

What will we do with the cash? Three words: booze and monkeys.

Vic got me some great presents as usual. Among them was the Star Wars Vault, a nifty book that reproduces a variety of collectibles from the early days of SW fandom; my favorite is the audio CD which includes Carrie Fisher’s song (set to the Star Wars theme) from the infamous Holiday Special. She also got me the expansion set to the boardgame Twilight Imperium, a big ol’ Dwarven Mine Lego set, and the live-action version of The Tick on DVD.

New Year’s was low-key, just as we like it. We had dinner at a local tapas restaurant, then settled in to watch DVDs: Knocked Up and Waitress. Both were good, but as a double feature they were almost too much of pregnancy and bad marriages for one evening.

Yesterday we took down the Christmas decorations with the traditional holiday fare of VH1’s I Love the ’80s playing in the background. Honestly, pop-culture snark rarely gets old.

Today’s, it’s back to work! Yay?

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