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A Place To Hang My Pointy Hat

January 5th, 2008

My project this weekend was a scratch-built Lego model. I’d been eying the Skeleton Tower set and decided that since I have a ton of leftover bricks, I could save myself the fifty bucks and make my own. Using photos of the original model as a guide, I designed my own take on the idea, using the bricks I had at hand.

Front view. Note the working “jawbridge.”

Close-up of the bridge. This was my favorite part of the original model, and I came pretty close to duplicating it.

Left: As with the official model, the front of the jaw splits open to allow access to the castle. Right: On the rear wall, I added a hinged panel for access to the throne room.

Side view. Duh.

Left: The evil wizard stands atop the high tower. Right: The interior of the throne room.

This warrior intends to get ahead.

“Any mail for me today?”

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