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Rocket To Legoland

January 16th, 2008

Just completed another custom Lego project: an old-timey “Flash Gordon” rocketship. I believe that this is my first build that isn’t based even in part on an existing Lego model. Instead, I thought to myself, “Dave, you’ve got a tumbler full of unused orange bricks. What can you do with them?”

This was the result of about three evenings of solid work, plus some extra tinkering. I built it about three times before I was happy with the end result; my first attempt was less “Flash Gordon” and more “Magic School Bus.”

A proud Lego spaceman poses with his fine new ship.

Top and right views.

And, of course, front and back.

A nifty fold-down ramp allows the Space Police to come aboard. No contraband here, officers.

The top section of the ship lifts off to allow access to the interior. Here’s the engineering section.

A reverse view shows the pilot at the controls, ready to blast off! Next stop, Planet of the Lego Slave Girls!

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