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I Shouldn’t Have Eaten All Those Jelly Babies Before Bed

July 16th, 2010

It’s funny, but I rarely have dreams about all the sci-fi stuff that fills my head during the day. No galaxy-spanning epics for me. Instead, I have the bog-standard anxiety playlets about attending high school again (as an adult) and not being able to find my locker.

So I found it odd that I’ve had not one, but two Doctor Who dreams this week. A few nights ago, favored companion of fortysomething Whovians everywhere Sarah Jane Smith was traipsing through my head. Investigating a candy factory. I suspect that latter detail may have been due to my having seen a stage production of Willy Wonka a few weeks back.

Anyway, Sarah lost her footing and fell into a vat of molten chocolate, shades of Augustus Gloop. Of course, it was up to me to pull her out. And, since she was choking, what else could I do but suck the sweet, sticky stuff out of her mouth?

Honestly, I had no idea that would’ve been a thing for me.

It was certainly much better than those hundreds of variations of “I can’t find my classroom.”

However, last night I paid the price. Instead of confectionery┬ácompanions, I was visited by a flock of Weeping Angels, those clawed and fanged monsters that only move when you’re not looking at them.

They chased me around for a while, and not one of them offered to let me perform mouth-to-mouth.

Then, as I do from time to time, I kicked at one of them…and woke up, having booted one of my cats out of bed. (Sorry, buddy.)

This morning, not knowing my locker combination doesn’t seem so bad.

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