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Rain, Rain, Go Away…And Get The Hell Out Of My Basement

February 6th, 2008

Call it Snowzilla’s Revenge. Two days ago, last week’s big snow melted all at once. Yesterday, it rained buckets all day. Not to worry, I thought; we’ve lived in this house 10 years without a problem thanks to our trusty sump pump.

Guess what burned out last night?

Unfortunately, we didn’t discover this until 10:00 pm, and by that time there was between two and three inches of water. The next hour and a half was spent desperately bailing while we waited for the repairman (who’d been out since 2:40 am that day handling service calls from other equally desperate basement owners).

It was like playing the home version of David Letterman’s “Will It Float?” segment.

Things that float: cat food bowls, empty Rubbermaid bins.

Things that don’t float: VHS tapes, Daleks (hover mode, my ass).

Also, to answer the age-old question of which is better, DC Comics or Marvel…well, I don’t know. But DC’s “Showcase Presents” books and Marvel’s “Essential” collections are equally absorbent.

I was up ’til about 4:00 am bailing and mopping. Nearly all of the standing water is gone, but it’s still pretty damp down there. Fortunately, we caught it before it reached the major electronics and my board game collection. The furniture will probably survive, but the flooring we had put in last year is a loss. (We bought the cheapest stuff imaginable, for this very reason.)

I had been thinking that God still hates me, but now I’m of the opinion that he just believes I’ve got too much stuff. Also, he wants to remind me to have my sump pump regularly serviced.

All grumbling aside, it could’ve been a lot worse. It wasn’t a fire or a tornado, and it was only three inches of water rather than three feet.

I came into work thinking I had an important meeting, but it’s not ’til next week, so I’m going home to dry things out and clean up the detritus.

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