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I’m Scared Now

February 16th, 2008

Earlier this week, my friend Dave directed me to Peeron, a web-based accessory for Lego fanatics. Among its features is an online inventory that allows one to track their collection and even determine the exact number and nature of bricks they have lying around the house. Dave used it to tally up his own pile of plastic, and the results were stunning.

Naturally, I had to try it for myself. Fortunately, I keep my instruction books, so it was easy to enter my collection by set number. Mind you, it’s still not an exact count. It’s possible that I have a few duplicate sets unaccounted for. In addition, I’ve bought several small containers’ worth of loose bricks from the Lego store. But it’s close enough.

Here then, is the count, according to Peeron:

Totals: 271 Sets (237 unique), 35,176 Parts, $4,007.14, 552 Minifigs

Now, before you totally freak, that $4,000 figure is presumably based on original retail price. However, I buy a lot of my Lego on deep clearance (50-80% off), especially when it comes to the bigger sets. And those 271 sets include a large percentage of mini-kits and those impulse-buy baggies with one minifig and a handful of accessories.

Still, that’s a lot of fucking Lego.

Apparently, I’ve been collecting since 1990, though I only bought a couple of sets back then. I picked up a few Castle knights with the intention of using them as “Dungeons and Dragons” miniatures.

My most numerous part? I have 270 light gray 1×2 bricks, which isn’t at all a surprise to me considering how many Castle-themed sets I’ve bought…not to mention the Imperial Star Destroyer Vic gave me on my 40th birthday. That sucker alone accounted for 3,000 parts, most of them light gray.

If you want to see for yourself, here’s a complete inventory.


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