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And Then There Were Nuns

March 8th, 2005

Last night, I finally completed a project which has been dogging my heels since the Clinton Administration: painting my Sisters of Battle army for the Warhammer 40K miniatures game. To be honest with myself, they’ll probably never be absolutely finished. I still want to texture their bases, and I’m sure I’ll keep finding little details that I’ll want to retouch. But as I glued the backpack onto the final Sister after midnight, I felt a sense of completion, and a desperate need for sleep.

Here, at long last, is a photo gallery of my work:

Above is my HQ squad, led by the Canoness. On the right are my Retributor heavy weapons gals. While Games Workshop tends to paint their armies to follow a single color scheme, I wanted to have a bit more diversity, especially given the relatively few different Sisters of Battle miniatures available.

On the left are my Priests. The one in the center is a custom model, using an old figure of Lady Galadrial, and a banner pole recycled from an action figure accessory. The plastic peg behind her head is empty for right now, but I mean to craft a sort of hovering “halo.” On the right are the dreaded Seraphim, the flying nuns that first caught my eye when choosing a Warhammer army. One of them is not an official GW miniature, but rather an appropriate figure from a defunct competitor called Void. The animal skull on the base of the lead Seraphim was made from Sculpey.

Standard Battle Sisters on the left. Note that one is actually a crudely modified Seraphim Sister Superior which I mounted directly to a built-up base. On the right is the back of that same figure. I somehow ran out of backpacks, so I substituted another action figure accessory of approximately the proper shape and size. Again, it provides a bit more variety, plus it makes a certain sense that the squad leaders would be further differentiated. I painted a couple of SoB insignia on the back.

Custom terrain pieces. First is some engine wreckage culled from an old Space: 1999 model kit, then a toxic waste spill.

Finally, here’s a photo of my entire army. Click on the photo for a very large version.

I plan to take a break from painting and modeling for a bit, but I have a number of other projects I’d like to work on eventually, including a squad of Space Marines.

By the way, I had a difficult time deciding upon a title for this post. Other candidates included “Nun Better,” “Only The Good Die Nun” and “Nun Is The Loneliest Number.”

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