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Snow, Snow, Go (The Hell) Away (Already!)

March 10th, 2005

Here’s the view outside the front window of my house this morning.

It’s frickin’ March 10, we’re still getting snow; and I’m sick, sick, sick of it.

I hate winter. I hate slick roads and icy sidewalks, I hate gray skies, I hate when it gets dark at 4:45 pm, and most of all, I hate being cold. If I never had another winter, I wouldn’t miss it. Sure, give me a white Christmas; drop a few inches of snow on Christmas Eve. But let it melt by December 26.

Even though this has been by no means a terrible winter–I never did have to shovel the drive–I’ve been ready for it to be over for weeks. And yet it persists.

Last Sunday, it was absoutely gorgeous out, with sunshine and temperatures in the high ’60s. Vic and I took our first neighborhood walk of the year, and after a few blocks, we were so warm that we had to take off our sweatshirts.

The next day, it started spitting snow again.

Go away, winter. Don’t come back.

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