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Maybe They Should’ve Sent The Peanuts To Nielsen Families

March 22nd, 2008

Whoops, apocalypse: Jericho was canceled a second time by CBS. After fans deluged the network with peanuts, a second season was ordered, only to return to even lower ratings.

Me, I hope that this marks the end of fan campaigns that attempt to drown mailroom clerks in shipments of stupid shit. It was cute the first time–when bottles of Tabasco sauce gained Roswell a temporary reprieve–but now every “save our show” effort involves mass quantities of mundane objects, and the only ones that suffer are the poor schlubs who have to figure out what to do with fifty sacks of lightbulbs, Zagnut bars or grilled chicken taquitos.

Any more, it seems like every TV series, no matter how lame or terminally unwatched, winds up with a “save our show” campaign. And very few of them seem worth the effort. There are usually very good reasons that the vast majority of TV series are lucky to exceed a single season.

Sure, over the years I’ve shed tears over series that I believed were taken away too soon: Twin Peaks; V; Max Headroom; The Flash; The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. and others. But I’ve come to accept that death is just a way of life when it comes to TV. My world won’t end if How I Met Your Mother doesn’t make it to season four. (Though I would be sad.) And next year, there’ll be a bunch of shiny, new series…most of which will also be canceled shortly thereafter.

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