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Fully Functional, More Or Less

April 3rd, 2008

This year’s never-ending winter has been enclosed within a vicious circle of disease, as my friends and coworkers have been infected and reinfected by a variety of random microbes and pathogens. Last Saturday, the Roulette Wheel of Phlegm landed on me, as I was laid low with a fever of 101 and a lung full of goo.

It wasn’t an wholly bad experience. I had some wonderful naps, and watched a lot of DVD, including the entire second half of Twin Peaks (more on that in a later post).

I went back to work yesterday, but in hindsight I think that was a mistake. However, I’m actually feeling chipper this morning, and am starting to dig out of the pile of chores that greeted me at the office.

And yes, Mark, I do plan to call you back.

Before I go, here’s something that probably amuses only me. One recurring segment of The Colbert Report is “Bears and Balls,” in which Stephen dispenses random stock tips by punching a big, red button. I don’t recall the original context of the bit, but on one episode Stephen smacked the button and it said “Bees.” (Or, more accurately, “Beeezzz.”) That same non-sequitur sound bite cropped up on a couple of subsequent installments, and for reasons I can’t explain, it always made me laugh. I tried tracking down a .wav file of it, but the other night the show saved me the trouble by using it again. So, here it is, suitable for your “New Mail Notification” or whatever.


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