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30 Rock On!

April 11th, 2008

30 Rock returned last night with its first post-strike episode, and it was a winner. Paying off a joke set-up earlier in the season, the story was built around the finale of Jack’s show-within-a-show, the reality hit “MILF Island.” As the announcer intones, “Twenty MILFs, fifty eighth-grade boys, no rules!” A pitch-perfect parodic mash-up of Survivor and pretty much every dating show airing on Fox or VH1, the only wonder about “MILF Island” is that no one has gotten around to producing the series for real. (However, you can buy the t-shirt.)

While everyone sits around waiting to see if Debra will win out over Deborah to conquer “MILF Island,” Liz attempts to elicit a confession from one of her staffers, anonymously quoted in the New York Post as saying that Jack is a “grade-A moron” who can “eat my poo.”

Enough yap. Here it is.

While never the ratings hit it deserves to be, 30 Rock was picked up for a third season last week by NBC. Possibly because they’ve got so little else going on that they’d have to do “MILF Island” instead.

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