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And When The Odds Are Against Him

April 15th, 2008

Villainous drivers raised their ugly mugs in Speed’s very first professional competition, the Sword Mountain Race. Granted, they were a bit underwhelming compared with the baddies to come.

Speed’s original rival was Skull Duggery (get used to the pun names; there’ll be more), a garden variety racer with a mean streak. Despite deliberately causing several apparently fatal crashes during the Sword Mountain Race, Speed decided to save Duggery when the latter took an unfortunate shortcut past an active volcano. (You’d think they’d mark those on the map.)

Skull and Speed (which sounds like the title of a biker magazine) finished the race on more or less friendly terms. Despite the vehicular manslaughter.

Just another day at the races.

Rating a bit higher on the Evil-O-Meter were Mr. van Ruffle (below, left) and Ace Deucey (below, center). Ace was hired by van Ruffle for “5,000 clams” to steal the plans of the Mach 5. The mercenary later learned that Speed’s father, Pops Racer (yes, really), wrote the plans in invisible ink on the car’s windshield. That may sound unlikely, but it’s actually quite common in the racing industry: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. has the Colonel’s Secret Recipe inscribed on his rear window.

It should go without saying that Deucey entered his own evil racing team into the Sword Mountain challenge and carved up the competition with Ben Hur-inspired tire cutters. He was thwarted when Speed shattered the valuable windshield with his helmet.

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