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31 (Japanese) Monsters #21: Daimajin

October 21st, 2010

Not every giant Japanese creature is a radioactive whatchamacallit trying to tear up Tokyo. One of the most mold-breaking was the star of a trilogy of historical fantasies, the vengeful golem known as…


Monster Island Nickname Rock Hudson
Hails From The Spirit World
Movies Appeared In
(not counting stock footage)
Hobbies Killing Evil Warlords
Quote (heavy stomping sound)

The Daimajin films are curious hybrids of the samurai and giant monster genres in which oppressed peasants awaken the wrathful spirit that dwells within a stone statue. Flaming arrows replace the usual surface to air missiles as the scowling sculpture makes his inevitable march on the forces of the local warlord.

Perhaps the strangest thing about this trilogy of films is that they were all released in the same year: 1966. Daimajin came out in April; Return of Daimajin in August; and Wrath of Daimajin in December. Overworked, Daimajin stomped back to his mountainside shrine and never made another movie.

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