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Welcome To My Domain

April 24th, 2008

For no good reason outside of sheer vanity, I’ve registered a domain name for this site. Welcome to thielavision.com!

Any old bookmarks will still work, as the thielavision.com address redirects to the same place. But at least I can tell people about my site without having to spell “slithytoves” or explain what a tilda mark is.

I’d thought about being thielavision.org, as .org domains were on sale. But I don’t really feel like an organization. I don’t feel like a .com either, but .name is just .lame.

Oddly enough, someone is cybersquatting on davidthiel.com, perhaps in hopes that I (or, more likely, David Thiel the DIY guy or David Thiel the videogame designer) will pony up some cash for it.

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