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I Don’t Know What To Say, So I’ll Say This

May 12th, 2008

I’m writing this from Palm Springs, California, where I’m attending the annual PBS Showcase conference. I logged in this evening to check my e-mail and perhaps do a bit of blogging, only to learn that my friend Topher, a longtime member of our Friday night gaming group, died last night, possibly from a heart attack apparently from an aneurysm.

Shocked doesn’t even begin to cover how I feel at the moment. As a group, we’re all much too young to be losing friends in this manner.

Topher was a good guy and one hell of a gamer. One played “Settlers of Catan” or “Puerto Rico” against him at one’s peril. His life really seemed to have come together in the last few years: a wonderful wife, a nice house, a great job in the video game industry. I liked and respected him, and I will miss him.

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