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Garbage Bag!

May 23rd, 2008

The CBS comedy How I Met Your Mother had an uneven third season, which I attribute in part to the interruption of the writers’ strike, as well as to the last-minute substitution of Sarah Chalke for the AWOL Alicia Silverstone as Ted’s new girlfriend. (Not that Chalke’s in any way a bad choice, just that her ongoing commitment to Scrubs meant that she was largely off-screen during the early days of Ted and Stella’s romance.)

That said, I’ve really enjoyed some of the online jokes planted by the show’s producers. Viral websites are nothing new, but what I find so appealing about the HIMYM tie-ins is that they’re less about promoting the show than they are about extending its humor into the real world. Plus, most of them include a silly song.

A couple of weeks back, there was a throwaway gag about the characters stumbling across a website called guyforceshiswifetodressinagarbagebagforthenextthreeyears.com, and indeed, the site actually exists. There’s not much there aside from a slideshow of a happy, young couple (played by a couple of HIMYM crew members), one of whom is wearing a garbage bag blouse. But what sells the joke is the ridiculous song playing in the background: producer Carter Bays croons in French while a breathy-voiced woman intones “garbage bag.” (A translation is available, and the song itself can be downloaded.)

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