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Executing Order 66

August 8th, 2008

It took a few weeks longer than I’d originally hoped, but my personal Jedi purge is finally happening. I’ve currently got 25 eBay auctions running. I’ve still got a few large items (including the massive Royal Starship) to photograph and weigh, but everything else is on the block.

The Emperor had an army of clones to execute Order 66, but for my own sale, it’s just me. (That may be because I’m also purging my Clones!) And it took forever to sort the toys into lots, correctly identify everything, and dig through literally hundreds of guns and other accessories and match them as best I could to their respective figures. That last part was most daunting, as many of their weapons look very, very similar.

But at last the de-clone-ification is underway, and to my utter surprise, more than half of the auctions already have bids!

Update: With a little more than one day to go on the first of the auctions, 22 lots have bids for a total of $579.68! As my recent eBay experience has been that most of the bidding occurs in the last day or so, I’m floored that there’s already been so much activity. And several of the lots have upwards of 30 “watchers,” so who knows what will happen this weekend?

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