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Death Star Diary: Day 1

September 16th, 2008

6:30 pm: The unboxing begins.

6:31 pm: The big box contains four smaller boxes!

6:32 pm: And a 260 page instruction manual. What have I gotten myself into?

6:50 pm: Huh. Usually these big Lego sets break the model down into smaller sections, and number the parts bags accordingly. But I can’t even tell with which of the four boxes I’m supposed to start.

6:55 pm: The answer (shudder): all of them.

6:56 pm: Oh, my God. I’m going to have to sort 3,800 pieces!

6:57 pm: Han Solo offers to help.

6:58 pm: The sorting begins.

7:15 pm: Still sorting.

7:25 pm: Still sorting.

7:40 pm: Still sorting.

8:00 pm: Shit, I’ve been throwing black bricks into the grey pile!

8:10 pm: Still sorting.

8:17 pm: Done!

8:20 pm: I finish putting together the minifigs, and take a pee break.

8:25 pm: I begin to assemble the base.

9:10 pm: That’s enough for tonight. Off to watch Terminator.

Elapsed Time: 2 hours, 40 minutes.

Current Page of Instruction Book: 7 (of 260).

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