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Death Star Diary: Day 6

September 22nd, 2008

9:30 am: It’s Sunday morning, but there’s no day of rest for the wicked!

10:05 am: Here’s the first stage of the superlaser cannon. It would’ve taken less time to finish if I hadn’t erroneously used the crucial spiral gear piece on the handle of the trash masher mechanism back on Thursday. In the instruction book illustration, I mistook it for the intended hose piece. Thankfully, I remembered using it previously.

10:28 am: Again, I take my hat off to the Lego designers. The big dish is initially built as sixteen hinge pieces with various plates attached.

10:40 am: Goodbye, Alderaan!

10:40 am – 1:05 pm: Even a Sith Lord’s gotta eat.

1:35 pm: I guess that this is meant to be a repair shop. The knob underneath the table controls the gantry in the hangar bay below.

2:00 pm: After spending 15 minutes searching for a tiny angle brick amongst the diminishing parts piles, I decide to write it off as a loss and fetch a replacement from my storage closet. Yes, I am a cheater pants.

2:19 pm: I really like this scaled-down version of Darth Vader’s personal fighter.

2:20 pm: Here it is hanging from the gantry.

2:37 pm: This control station literally controls the superlaser cannon on the deck below. The station turns to pivot the cannon assembly, and the knob raises and lowers the dish.

2:40 pm: Assembly is getting much faster now. I’ve sorted the relatively few remaining parts into individual piles, making it easy to locate the pieces I need.

3:17 pm: A lever beneath the deck causes this pair of turbolaser cannons to pivot in tandem. A control knob on each cannon raises and lowers the guns.

3:50 pm: Almost there…

3:55 pm: Governor Tarkin’s conference room. The table top lifts up to reveal a secret weapons storage space. Just in case Tarkin needs to shoot a recalcitrant admiral.

4:05 pm: Almost there…

4:12 pm: The central elevator seems a bit less elegant than the rest of the model, but I guess it’ll do. The large knob on the wall lowers the platform.

4:20 pm: DONE!

4:21 pm: Hey, what are these bits doing on the floor?

4:22 pm: Crap! I pull out the elevator car and add the missing end caps.

4:24 pm: DONE! REALLY!

Elapsed Time: 18 hours, 40 minutes.

Current Page of Instruction Book: 260 (of 260).

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