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31 Monstrous Failures #1: The Nimon

October 1st, 2011

It’s October, which means that it’s time for another Halloween countdown. This year’s theme: the monsters that didn’t make the grade. Some were sad victims of a mismatch of vision and budget. Others were poorly conceived from the start. And more than a few proved inept in their duties. (There is, naturally, a fair amount of crossover between these categories.)

So, join me for the Month of the Misbegotten, the Cavalcade of Calamity and the Review of the Regrettable.

Which brings me to…

The Nimon!

Doctor Who sure loves it some Minotaurs. To date, it’s offered four different takes on the Greek myth of the man-bull in the maze, the most recent being this year’s “The God Complex.”

The most infamous was the 1979 epic “The Horns of Nimon.” It came during the year that Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy author Douglas Adams was moonlighting as the show’s script editor. Adams–who reportedly intended the lackadaisicalĀ Hitchhiker’s character Ford Prefect as a reaction to the universe-saving Doctor Who–seemed pretty bored with the show. So did Tom Baker, then six years into his marathon run as the Fourth Doctor.

Maybe it was that general lack of interest–or perhaps a letdown of late ’70s BBC production values–that resulted in the Nimons, a mighty race of energy parasites migrating their way across the galaxy, resembling nothing more than stunt performers in black bodysuits andĀ ill-fitting bull masks. Staggering across the studio set, they stiffly stuck their arms out from their sides, possibly to avoid toppling from their imposing platform heels.

The Nimon wasn’t the most ridiculous monster to emerge from the BBC costume shop, though. We’ll get to that one later.

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