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31 Monstrous Failures #7: The Creeping Terror

October 7th, 2011

One challenge with this year’s theme of crappy monsters is that I’ve already plucked a lot of the low-hanging fruit: Ro-Man, Birdemic, the Lepus, the Giant Claw and the Mighty Peking Man. Even though I may have to dig a little deeper to fill an entire month, that doesn’t mean that I can’t hit a few of the classics. Like, for example…

The Creeping Terror!

The 1964 movie¬†The Creeping Terror is one of the central texts in the canon of So Bad It’s Good. Though, as with¬†Manos, Hands of Fate or Monster A Go-Go, you’re probably better off watching the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version.

The Creeping Terror recounted the landing of an alien spacecraft in the California countryside. A biological probe resembling an oversized slug constructed of tubing and carpet scraps shuffled forth, propelled by the barely-concealed feet of the extras toiling underneath the costume.

As with other ultra-low-budget films, The Creeping Terror was largely shot without sound. An off-screen narrator was dubbed in to explain what in the heck was happening.

Here’s the highlight of The Creeping Terror: the infamous dance hall massacre. “My God, what is it?!?”

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