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31 Monstrous Failures #10: Cyberwoman

October 10th, 2011

Today I’m in Cardiff, Wales, the former site of the Torchwood Hub. So, what better time to bring up the seamier side of the Doctor Who franchise?

Torchwood was conceived as a sort of Doctor Who After Dark, with a team of  specialists investigating alien activity on Earth while cussing and copulating. Yet it somehow managed to be far more immature in addressing matters of sexuality than its kid-friendly parent series.

For me, there’s no better example of Torchwood‘s sniggering salaciousness than the…


Doctor Who‘s Cybermen are humanoid beings who have replaced most of their parts with plastic and metal. Ruthless and emotionless, they seek to increase their ranks by forcibly converting others into Cyber-creatures.

In their most recent incarnation, they look like this:

Never mind that it’s well-established that there is no cosmetic difference between formerly male and female Cybermen, and never mind that the modern-day variety are pretty much a disembodied brain in a metal shell.¬†When Ianto’s girlfriend Lisa became a half-converted Cyber-person she was costumed in techno fetish gear. With heels. And underwire support. Because Torchwood.

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